the virtual coin slot machine

Do you offer software or other content on the Internet?  
Make all your offerings elastic!             

let your customers micro-purchase every offering from you
using a virtual coin-slot in your offering

Setup your own Koyn server now!

What is it?

We all know how companies such as Amazon Web Services made cloud hosting elastic. Now make all the offerings of your company also equally elastic. Using Koyns! 

The concept of Koyns has been used in the real world too: 

Purchase some tokens at a restaurant in India. These are plastic/metal disks. Then exchange those tokens for meals at any of the serving counters from the same restaurant. 

Or think of a coin-slot vending machine: You insert a coin and get the candy of your choice. You don't have to buy the whole box of candys 

Similarly, Koyns are virtual payment tokens for all your offerings. 

One Koyn has a very small value. The user pays out a few such koyns for each feature. Hence your customer can micro-purchase your offerings. They pay for only the features they use. 

Exactly like what happens in a coin-slot vending machine. Exactly like the restaurant, where you exchange the tokens only for the dish you want

How does it work?

 Your customer buys a bunch of these Koyns at your payment page. Only one simple payment page for ALL your offerings. 

Yes, the same Koyns would be available for use even in another offering -- if your customer decides to register at the other offering too. Only condition: All the offerings should be from you.

Inside each offering of yours, the customer would see a small image of a coin-slot (like the ones you see in a Vending machine) When the customer hovers the mouse on that, it would show how many remaining Koyns he has 

Now imagine the customer invoking a feature. That act would consume one or more of the Koyns that were purchased. This happens securely and transparently in the background from your Koyn Server without the customer getting disturbed

In the backdrop , the special dedicated VPS server would  handle the management of all your customers. 

Just connect your payment gateway to that server with one API call to record the purchase... And just one API call from your offering whenever the customer uses a feature

Why is this so good?

  • The user pays out a few such koyns for each feature. Hence your customer can micro-purchase your offerings
  • Because these Koyns can be used at any of your offerings -- it's a neat way to attract your customer who is using one offering to use the others too.
  • You can give the maximum value to your customers. You can extract some money from even the most reluctant of your customers. The customers are also sure of where they had spent their Koyns.
  • No confusing traditional "four column" pricing page. Those pricing pages often stop people -- because (as an example) they want some features from the fourth column, at the price of the second column... etc.

    Instead, when you use koyns you would have only ONE simple pricing page. It would have a list stating the number of koyns consumed for each feature. You can easily make a calculator too
  • As a developer and/or content provider; you get fantastic usage analytics. You would know the heat map of the features your customers use. Amazing tool to know how your user-interface works
  • You can offer free trial koyns. That way your customers can try out your offering without really forcing the trial as per days. These trial koyns also can expire. But you can configure that expiry for a very long period -- say 3 months
  • One simple way to connect your offerings to the Koyn server. We have written all the code for you
  • One simple way to connect your payment gateway to the Koyn server. Again, we have written all the code for you
  • One pre-configured Koyn server is all that you need. Even that uses the Koyn system! Buy it from us and purchase our Koyns to get it to work!